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11 Engines (Outboard) For Sale

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Outboard Engine
"Mercury 8hp"
A very clean & tidy 8hp 4 stroke standard shaft engine with full gearbox, separate tank & a kill switch.
£ 750
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"Mariner 15 long shaft"
All in good running order & with fittings for remote controls, separate tank & full gearbox. Handy size engine.
"Suzuki 40hp oil injected long shaft"
This engine comes with an electric start loom, fuel tank. Good for speedboat, cruiser or fast fishing boat.
"Mercury 5hp 4 stroke"
All in good running order & with separate tank & full gearbox. Ideal for R.I.B. fishing dinghy etc.Modern & reliable.
£ 550
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"Tohatsu Sail Pro 6hp"
A nice clean Tohatsu 6hp 4 stroke long shaft engine with separate tank & full gearbox,
"Honda 5hp 4 stroke"
A modern, very reliable Honda 4 stroke with a full gearbox & a separate tank
"Mariner 3.5hp 4 stroke"
A very clean & tidy Mariner 3.5hp 4 stroke engine with internal tank & gearbox, kill cord etc.About 4 years old.
"Mariner 2hp"
A modern engine all in good running order & ideal for tender, sailing dinghy etc.
"Mercury 2.2hp"
AlL OK & ideal for tender dinghy, sailing dinght etc. or back up for your cruiser or yacht. Cheap engine.
£ 195
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A selection of good old Seagull engines always in stock. Silver Century long shafts from about £100. 40+'s from about £75
"A selection of small.outboards always in stock"
A selection of good used small hp outboards always in stock