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10 Engines (Outboard) For Sale

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"Mariner Sailmate 4 stroke"
2010 model in very good order & with full gearbox & ki;llcord.
"Honda 2.3HP Longshaft Outboard"
Honda 2.3HP air cooled 4 Stroke Longshaft outboard.
"Suzuki 4hp 4 stroke"
A very modern clean & tidy 4 stroke with full gearbox, kill cord & internal tank. Handy engine.
"Honda 2.3hp 4 stroke"
A nice clean Honda 2.3hp long shaft 4 stroke engine, C2010 with integral tank & neutral / forward gearbox.
"Mariner 3.3hp"
A very clean & tidy engine for dinghies & small craft & back up for your yacht or cruiser.
"Evinrude 4hp"
All in good running order & neutral / forward gears. Ideal a back up for your yacht / cruiser & for the tender.
£ 295
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"Mariner 2hp"
All in good running order. Ideal for tender / sailing dinghy etc.
"Evinrude 4hp"
Fairly old but in good running order. Ideal for tender, back up for yacht, cruiser etc. Cheap engine at this price.
"A selection of small.outboards always in stock"
A selection of good used small hp outboards always in stock
A selection of good old Seagull engines always in stock. Silver Century long shafts from about £100. 40+'s from about £75