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24 Tender Dinghies & Misc Small Craft For Sale

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Gentlemans varnished clinker launch C1938LOA: 12' 0" .0 BerthsThis is an absolute cracker. She is a varnished clinker launch with a custom trailer, fitted cover etc & a Brit inboard.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 4,650
Bonwitco With double skinned multi purpose launchLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsA really nice multi-purpose fast double skinned boat with a custom trailer & a 30hp engine with full remotes to the console.[ Further Details ]
£ 2,950
"Hey Ho !"
Heyland LuggerLOA: 11' 4" .0 BerthsAn absolutely immaculatelug rigged multi-purpose sailing dinghy with a fitted cover, custom trailer, all round fendering etc.
Dory type open boatLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsA handy & very stable boat for duck shooting, bird watching etc as well as being a good safe general purpose fun boat / tender.[ Further Details ]
£ 1,450
Traditional clinker 12ft launchLOA: 12' 0" .0 BerthsA classis 1/4 decked clinker fishing / pleasure launch with floorboards, all round "D" fendering & 2 rowing points.[ Further Details ]
£ 695
14ft Rane type open launchLOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsA very spacious & stable Rana type fishing or pleasure launch with 2 rowing points, engine pad & custom road trailer.[ Further Details ]
£ 695
"Rowing Skiff"
A classic 15ft rowing skiffLOA: 15' 0" .0 BerthsA nice varnished epoxy ply skiff with sliding seat & a proper pair of sweeps on the outriggers.[ Further Details ]
£ 695
"Brand new 10ft dinghy"
New 10ft fishing / tender / fun dinghyLOA: 10' 0" .0 BerthsVery nicely built 10ft GRP dinghies with hardwood trim, lots of built-in-bouyancy, rowlocks & pad for an outboard.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 695
"10ft tender / fishing dinghy"
LOA: 10' 0" .0 BerthsA really nice multi-purpose dinghy with lots of freeboard & built - in buoyancy, rowlocks & engine pad.Spacious, safe & stable.
"New 8ft tenders"
Brand new 8ft GRP tenderLOA: 8' 0" .0 BerthsWe have found a local manufacturer of quality 8ft tender dinghies at a very sensible price. Fitted out with hardwood.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 550
12ft fishing / pleasure launchLOA: 12' 0" .0 BerthsA handy little boat with a cuddy with opening window to the foredeck, seating & plenty of buoyancy. Complete with a road trailer
"Scruffy Bob"
13ft 6in fishing or pleasure dinghyLOA: 13' 6" .0 BerthsA very beamy & stable open launch with lots of seating space, all round fendering & a decent trailer. Handy outfit[ Further Details ]
£ 495
10ft fishing / tender / fun boatLOA: 10' 9" .0 BerthsA very nice sturdily built spacious 10ft 9in launch with foam buoyancy, seating foe a least 4 people & all round fendering.[ Further Details ]
£ 450
Plastimo inflatable tender / fun dinghyLOA: 7' 3" .0 BerthsAn "as new" inflatable tender with oars, pump, rigid transom for engine, slatted floorboards, seat & carrying bag.A complete pac
"*ftb tender & trolly"
A clean & tidy 8ft dinghyLOA: 8' 0" .0 BerthsAll in very nice order & with rowlocks, lots of built in buoyancy & a trolly
"Pram tender"
8ft3in Pram tender dinghyLOA: 8' 3" .0 BerthsA very nice pram tender with lots of built in buoyancy, all round fendering, seating for 4 people & an outboard pad.
"Avon Sports inflatable"
Avon sports inflatableLOA: 9' 0" .0 BerthsA multi-purpose inflatable sports boat with trailer floorboards, rigid transom for up to 30hp engine, pump, windscreen etc.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 295
"8ft GRP tender"
8ft GRP tender / beach dinghyLOA: 8' 0" .0 BerthsA beamy & stable dinghy with lots of built in buoyancy, 2 rowing points, towing eye & all round fendering.[ Further Details ]
£ 295
"Black Pearl"
Tabur Yak 10ft multi-purpose dinghyLOA: 10' 0" .0 Berthsdoubled skinned & very stable boat easy to row & can take an outboard. With a 5 - 6hp she will zoom along. Maintenance free
Honwave T230 inflatable tender / fun boatLOA: 8' 0" .0 BerthsA clean & tidy inflatablw with slatted floorboards, rigid transom for an outboard, oars, pump etc.All OK[ Further Details ]
£ 275
Avon offshore liferaftThis quality 6 man liferaft now needs a service We have all the paperwork & certificates & it is all in good order.[ Further Details ]
£ 150
"Slalom Canoe"
Slalom 370 sport canoeLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsAll in good order & with a double paddle.
A selection of used GRP, wooden tenders, inflatables and canoes.
"Good selection always available"
A selection of used GRP & wooden tenders, inflatables and canoes always available.[ Further Details ]
"New 7ft 6in pram dinghy"
Brand new 7ft 6 pram tender dinghyLOA: 7' 6" .0 BerthsDue to demand our manufacturer of the 8ft stem dinghies has produced this attractive pram with molded seats.