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"Star Fisher"
Starfisher 650 OBS Sports FisherLOA: 21' 4" .0 BerthsPlease follow this link for full details
Seastrike ex-naval personnel carrier / landing craftLOA: 15' 6" .0 BerthsThis is a nice bit of kit. Ex-naval landing craft wit loads of space, custom trailer & a PTT electric start Mariner.[ Further Details ]
£ 5,950
Colvic 21 Fishing / pleasure cruiserLOA: 21' 0" .2 BerthsThese are really well built, safe & stable seagiong boats. This one has a Nanni 3cyl diesel & lots of gear,
Dell Quay Fisher 17LOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsA very sturdily built fishing or pleasure boat with a 4 wheel trailer, inboard diesel & various equipment.[ Further Details ]
Very nice outfit at£ 4,950
"Captain Jack"
Orkney Coastliner 14ft fishing / pleasure boatLOA: 14' 0" .0 BerthsThese are well built safe sea boats for work or pleasure. She isthe cuddy version with a cockpit cover & forward hatch.
27ft steel fishing / work/pleasure boatLOA: 27' 0" .0 BerthsTHis is a really solidly built seagoing boat with a big Ford diesel, VHF radio, compass, fish / depth finder, radar etc.[ Further Details ]
Star Buy!£ 2,950
Ex-ships lifeboatLOA: 20' 0" .0 BerthsA very safe, beamy & spacious multi use open boat with a good road trailer. see full details below.[ Further Details ]
£ 2,750
Pilot 16 fast fishing or pleasure bpoatLOA: 16' 0" .2 BerthsA tidy multi purpose cruiser with a 30hp engine, road trailer, tonneau cover & various bits of equipment.
Bonwitco 400 fishing / pleasure day boatLOA: 13' 0" .0 BerthsA nice fast, safe double skinned boat by Bonwitco with a Mariner 25hp , custom trailer, cuddy fish / depth sounder etc.
"Sea Wanderer"
Matelot 21ft fishing / pleasure cruiserLOA: 21' 0" .2 BerthsThese are well known sturdily built fishing or pleasure boats. this one has the wheelhouse, a modern diesel & lots of gear
17ft open fishing or pleasure launchLOA: 17' 0" .0 BerthsA very spacious & stable open launch with a good trailer, Honda 5hp with remotes to the wheel steering & various gear.[ Further Details ]
£ 1,250
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